Need a writer or editor?

Tara Miller is a freelance writer, currently taking on new projects. In addition to the words found here on Tara Miller Writes, she has written numberous articles for an on-line help desk, music news and reviews for a social media website, worked as the Copy Editor for Franchise Turn,a quarterly industry magazine and proofread/edited a book titled Maximizing Me: 30 Lessons on the Journey to Self-Empowerment.

Currently a college student with a 4.0 GPA and on the President’s List (aka Dean’s List), Tara is familiar with up-to-date MLA and APA formatting as well as scholarly research techniques.

In addition to the typical freelance writing/editing services, such as SEO articles, resumes, speeches and ghost writing, Tara also writes poetry, creative fiction, science fiction, biographies, news letters, event invitations and so much more. Editing services include eBooks, print publications, college essays, etc. Tara Miller writes just about anything that requires words. If you have a project that requires an educated, talented, experienced and unique writer/editor, send an email to with your project details.


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